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Carole Mackin, Montana AuthorI hope you found something here that made you laugh out loud or perhaps moved you to tears.  Either way, our lives and futures have intertwined in a small but meaningful way.

I'd love to hear from you with any suggestions or encouragement that you have for me.  If you are curious about how Peggy Pryor learned to tap into her dreams,  Click Here or Search for Dream Interpretation and Integration.


Carole Mackin
4703 Almosta Road
Helena, Montana 59602


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For those of you who want to make a real difference about the issues raised in the novel Five Years Lying the following organizations are working tirelessly to protect your freedoms and health.  Each would welcome your participation or assistance.

BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA: Preventing &  Treating Brain Injuries

FAMILY  VIOLENCE  PREVENTION  FUND: Assisting Families and Communities

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