True Montana Stories


       The Keeper


       War of the Whirl



by Carole Mackin

The Montana sun doing a highwire act.
The Montana Sun Doing a Highwire Act

  Outcasts of Pumpkin Creek
As the United States was about to enter World War II, Montanans on isolated farmsteads were playing baseball.  The Outcasts were rag-tag ranchers who weren't good enough for the town teams.  So, they formed their own team and won their way into the playoffs at the  end of summer.
  The Keeper
Montana ranchers during the depression battled hungry deer who destroyed whole stacks of alfalfa hay.  Montana's poaching laws were severe and enforced with a vengence.  This pitted the sly wardens against the slippery poachers.
Going Home:  A teenage mother finds a way to return home.

Cheka:  When a dog and a porcupine go bump in the night, extracting the quills is a dog owner's nightmare.

Slam:  A gentle soul faces down a shark.
  War of the Whirl
Swirls on the surface of Fort Peck Reservoir hinted of what was "down there" blocking an intake to the Ft. Peck power house. Two divers suited up to take a closer look. When they were fished out, their ordeal had struck them dumb.
  Small Pox Survivor
Epidemics of small pox swept through the frontier and hit homesteaders hard. One young survivor wrote a letter to calm the anxiety of his family.

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