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Free For All

If choice is the spice of life, freedom is life's meat and potatoes. So spice up your life and chose from the selection of writings offered by Carole Mackin on this website.  DO NOT get out your credit card because everything here is free.

There is a common thread running through these selections. The words will let you  interpret the meaning in many ways. Each interpretation will be appropriate. I hope that you will be delighted enough to tell friends, family and co-workers about this website:  It will be Free For All if you pass it on.

Carole Mackin, author of "Five Years Lying"Carole Mackin grew up in St. Charles, Missouri, at the mouth of the Missouri River.  She has come up in the world and now lives in the Missouri headwaters near Helena, Montana.  Carole is a Geochemist who has spent a long career writing  scientific documents. She has also published several true Montana tales and a poem or two.

When Carole retired in 2005, she never dreamed she’d write fiction. But three characters: Peggy Pryor, Brad Duello and Sisy Duello insisted their story would help people face a future in uncertain times.  They were prophetic.  Each day brings the same chaos to our lives that shaped their story.

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Five Years Lying - a novel in three parts
           Part I. Pryor Knowledge
           Part II. Ropemaster
           Part III. Checkmate

True Montana Stories -- Summaries
True Montana Story 1: The Outcasts
True Montana Story 2: The Keeper
True Montana Story 3: Shorts
True Montana Story 4: War of the Whirl
True Montana Story 5: Small Pox Survivor


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